Attex Mini Bike


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My uncle bought 2 of these bikes new in 1973. I bought this one from him in
1975 or 1976. When I found out they quit making these bikes, I went to the
dealer and bought all the spare parts he had left which amounted to the
rear brake cable, brake shoes and points for the motor. It was ridden
regularly until approximately 1985. Since than it was ridden once a year
until 2004, which was the last year I let anyone ride it. Everything is
original except the front brake cable, the fuel line to the carburetor and
the rear tail light lens which was missing when I bought it. The tires and
tubes being original is the reason I wouldn't let the grand kids ride it
anymore. It ran perfect the last time it was run and the most talked about
thing about this bike is how quiet it is. When it is idling, you can barely
hear it running. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
John Bystry, Princeton, IL