Illinois Foundry Co, Springfield Ill

A Mini Bike From 57 to 59


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Forall Forall Forall Forall parts catalog

Doodle Bugs or not???????? Forall Forall


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This is a copy of a letter with some very good information on the Forall.

Due to the font stile it is a little difficult to read but very much worth the effort.


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A couple of years ago, I bought what I thought was a Doodle Bug; turns out it is a Forall. I have completely restored it, but cannot find much info about this brand of scooter. I have found that when Doodle Bug went out of business, Forall took over and produced the Forall in Springfield IL at Springfield Foundry about 1957-59. 

Thanks to Cecil Jones


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A Forall Scooter ad dated March 1960, 

indicating the scooter was produced slightly longer than originally anticipated. 

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Also, some of the information posted on the Forall page regarding the Doodle Bug - Forall Scooter connection is incorrect. Doodle Bug (which was a brand name and not a company) did not "go out of business." Beam Manufacturing Company in Webster City, Iowa stopped building them in late 1948 due to increased raw material costs that drove up the retail price. The high retail price led to a decline in demand, and the company discontinued the Doodle Bug, but Forall (which was actually just a brand name that Bob Baugh at the Illinois Foundry came up with) did not come in and take over or build a carbon copy of the scooter. Baugh built the Forall based upon the Doodle Bug, but it was slightly redesigned and was enlarged by approximately 1/3 over the size of the Doodle Bug. 

This is the same scooter Dick DeBuse sent in and said "sold on eBay."
Tom Brekhus


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From the Annual  2009 Doodle Bug Reunion.


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Sold on eBay


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1958 Forall sold on eBay

Seller said "...In 1958 an 80 year old man saw an original Doodlebug model and decided he would start making an updated version of that scooter.  In Illinois you could ride these scooters on the street at any age with only a license plate.  My father bought me a 1958 model like this one in 1958 for my 8th grade graduation.  In 1961 I turned 16 and started driving cars and kind of forgot about this scooter.  For the next 44 years I I never even saw one of these.  About 12 years ago this one came up for sale in an estate.  I even have the original black Illinois title from 1961.  I took it apart and it kind of got lost due to other work until recently.  I dug it out of my warehouse and did a Show Quality ground up restoration.  The only thing I changed was the original 2hp motor which I replaced with a 5hp Tecumseh brand new engine.  It is the same size as the original but has a different recoil starter.  The balance of the scooter is restored exactly like it was new.  See the advertising photo posted?  (Sales brochure with man riding a Forall scooter carrying a lunch pail on a strap over his shoulder)  That is the son of the 80 year old guy that built these scooters.  He went to the old factory that still had a lot of new Doodlebug parts, and purchased several castings and the handle bars.  If you look closely, you will see the items that are from the Hiawatha scooter.  The first years production was around 2000.  This scooter's VIN number is #1514.  In 1959 they added the Whizzer style gas tank up front and then in 1960 they added the handlebars and a cast aluminum belt guard.  As I told you they changed the law in 1961 and the scooter could not pass requirements to be driven on the street.  The company folded in early 1961.  I spent a lot of time at the factory watching them build these scooters.  I remember a semi truck load being shipped out to Macy's in New York....The original complete used motor goes with the scooter if you want it." 

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


Doodlebug & 1958 Forall 1958 Forall   1958 Forall1958 Forall

  1958 Forall foot plate1958 Forall1958 Forall

I noticed Dick DeBuse added some pictures of my ForAll he took at the

Doodlebug reunion this year. Here are some more pictures of my ForAll for your use.

This scooter is an early model made in 1958.  Later models had a Whizzer type

gas tank on the cross bar and a different foot plate.

Fred Tolley Steelville, MO.



Forall for sale at AMCA Davenport 2011

by Dick DeBuse