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1950 Playboy 1950 Playboy

1950 Playboy


1956 Playboy 



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Larry Fishers "Playboy"

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Here is a couple of additional photos, along with the engine that came with it. Unfortunately I have discovered that the JAP JS34/P motor is probably not the original motor. From a Dutch source I found that the bikes had a 16cc two-stroke built by Pranafa and designed by Richard Kuchen, designer of very successful TT motors. I did find an article on the Playboy in a old issue of a Dutch magazine and have ordered a copy from a dealer in the Netherlands. I'll let you know what I find in the article. At this point I plan to start advertising with AMCA and NACC and on the web for an original Pranafa motor



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1950's Pranafa - Playboy Mini Scooter


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